Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Experience #3

On Monday I was driving down State st. in Provo when I saw a sign - "10$ Glitter Toes and Buy One Get One Free!" I swirved the car oover 3 lanes and pulled into JJs Nail Academy. A and J got to get their toenails "sparkly" as A put it. They were so excited and mezmerized the whole time. They asked question after question to the poor workers. But in the end it was really fun.
I know this isn't exactly championing for world peace or raising awareness for some horrible disease. However, it was a total blast ad I am going to file it under "Building Family Unity." For a family that does their toes together grows together! HAHA! I totally just made that up!
And yeah...JJ's nails did a GREAT job I totally recommend them and for that price you better run there!

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