Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bake Sale for Cole (experience #1)

This was my first attempt to get my children involved with the community. I am trying to get them to experience new things. Not just fun recreational things but character building expereinces like holding a bake sale.

I was so lucky and blessed to do a bake sale for Cole Keller. Cole is a little boy who suffers from a rare seizure disorder. He will be having brain surgery in a couple months to try to help with the seizures. He and his family really touched my heart and moved me to action. I decided that I would do a bake sale with a couple of the ladies in my ward and our children. Well within a couple of days there was over 1200 people invited and I had people all over the community reaching out to help me and this little boy.

Thanks to my cousin Sherri for the cute flowers and hair bows they were a huge hit!

The day of the bake sell went great. We saw so many generous people give of their time, resources and money for Cole. One man dropped a 500$ check into the donation box not saying a word. We also had a handfull of people pay 100$ or more for a couple of cookies or cupcakes. We were able to raise 3600$ for Cole!! Thank you to everyone that helped! I really could not believe the amount of good I saw that day. It trully inspired me to be a better person.

If you would like more information on Cole's story or how you can help please go t .

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