Monday, May 23, 2011

Adventure #5- Provo Library I am writing..well blogging...I should be in bed where I would get the proper sleep needed to wake up at 5 to go to the gym. But who cares...lets be honest I ushuallly opt to snooze the extra 2 hrs and not go to the gym anyways.....
so anyways..

I decided that I hated the word "experiences" so I have changed it to "adventure"..hope you like it.

Onto the actual reason I am writing..well blogging. We went to the library today. We chose to read books about adventure #4- gardening and Memorial day. To be honest it was really me reading children's books in the childrens section with 4 little girlies (babysitting 1) running in circles around me. I just kept on reading and occasionally one would come and sit next to me to hear a few pages. Maybe I should work on my story-telling voice ;). A was totally excited about a book she picked out about how ice cream is made. "From Cow to Ice Cream" by Bertram K. Knight was a great find and I plan on using it for a future "adventure."  Pooki surprised the girls towards the end of our adventure and took us to get ice cream. The girls left the library totally excited about their checked out library books and icecream to come. I am hoping to start to check out books for each "adventure"  to help deepen their knowledge and love for each "adventure".

Sneak peak into adventures in near future...
Memorial Day BBQ food drive
Thank you notes to be handed out to teachers/grandparents/friends
Fireman Appreciation Visit (toting treats for them)

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