Thursday, May 26, 2011

Adventure #6- A lesson on Thanks

The girls and I went to Target and got some cute Thank You cards. The girls decided who they wanted to send a Thank you card to. A chose Grandma and Grandpa and J chose her cousin. They had so much fun coloring pictures on the card. A wanted to spell everything and make it look like a "real letter." J in all her glory wanted to use a black pen and scribble everywhere!
Another lesson that came from this adventure is how the mail system works. A was so interested in what all the words were on the envelopes and why we had to put the flag up on the mailbox. It is such a treat and blesssing to watch A learn. she soaks up everything. She is always asking a million questions, so she can understand every detail and reasoning. What a cutie!
Also, my friend Cami (Holla) wrote on Facebook today that "Gratitude changes your attitude." I can tell you that that is true. Even though the thank you cards were an activity for the girls, it really helped my attitude as well. It was just what I needed! 

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