Friday, December 2, 2011

Okay Im going to try again.....

S I stumbled upon a GREAT idea on Pinterest the other day! Its called "Random Acts of Christmas Kindness." So I am going to do one at least everyother day with my girls. There were ideas such as pay for the persons meal behind you in the drive through, Tape quarters to arcade games, rake a neighbors leaves, take donuts to a construction site, leave a dollar in quarters in a row of vending machines, make sacked lunches and hand them out to homeless people and so on! I am soooo excited!! I LOVE doing service, but even more I LOVE watching my children give service. It makes me soo proud!! So I will be posting everyday or every other day with what we did, how the kids liked it and (hopefully) picctures! So STAY TUNED....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Okay I am back!

Like many other things (okay everything) in my life I failed to follow through with my blog. But here I go again. i am going to try harder and do better. I have tons and tons of pictures and my goal this week is to put them up. i am also going to try to focus more on service. Okay, so new goals for this blog- make it about kids, service and EVERYTHING Mindi Gledhill...ahaha. And then also to at least post every week. That is my goals. I know, i am such an overachiever ;) Here it goes....
BTW- Mindi Gledhill is possibley going to do a Christmas tour to peoples homes and I WAS NOMINATED!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventure #18 Gateway Fountains

The girls went swimming, well running through the fountains at the gateway with their cousins! We had such a blast! We also went out to lunch me, my sis in law and our 6 KIDS UNDER 5! was fun though I promise. We went on a special day at Chillis where kids eat free. So,all together we paid 20$ for 2 adults and 6 kids and appetizers and drinks!! Our original bill was 50$!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventure # 17 OREM SUMMERFEST!!!!!!!!!!

Let me aagain preface my entry by saying a little something! I LOVE that Orem has a FREE fair! I mean seriously, I dont think anywhere does that anymore! Even the tickets for the rides were 15$ for 20. And each ride was only ONE ticket! I was seriously blown away at how cheep this adventure could have been (yes, I said COULD have been...we ate a LOT of good food :) )

The girls had so much fun riding the rides. Even "I" is big enough to ride the rides with her sisters. They wanted to ride and ride and ride all day long. It was so cute how much they loved handing the man their tickets. "A" and "J" even went on a kiddie roller coaster! "J" was by far te smallest kid on there. The other moms were looking at us like we were crazy, but I was a proud momma!

We will DEFINETLY be coming back every year! What a good time! One of my favorite parts was that there was no alcohol served. I always hated the combination of children, rides and then random drunk people when I went to the rodeo in Houston (Dont hate me Cami! I do love everything else though), so this was a breath of fresh air. Good, wholesome, family fun!


"J"s ring she got ffrom the fair! Are you loving her chipped black nail polish?

Adventure #16 SLUMBER PARTY!!

I have to start off by saying that everytime I say "SLUMBER PARTY" out loud or in my head I say it like the my little ponies say it in a movie "A" has! Its like little girl mixed with a valley girl and totally over excited!

Anyways, We got all the blankets and pillows out and watched  a movie! The girls loved it!

Adventure #15- SLIP and Slide!!

The girls and I set up our SLIP and Slide. it was hilarious! None of the girls knew how to run and slide down. They would run up to it, then stop and slowly get down on their bellies and army crawl down the slip-and-slide! it was seriously sooo funny!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Video of Cole- my teacher

I was trolling facebook again tonight and I saw that Cole's friends and family put up a video of Cole's story. This boy and his family move me. I can't really put into words what i felt as I watched the video of Cole. His parents are amazing examples to me. When we did the bake sale fr Cole I sincerely saw the light of Christ in their family. Their love for each other and this boy is so incredible and so withstanding of any struggle it is inspiring. My testimony was strengthened when I read from the babysitters blog how not many things stir a smile with Cole. one of the few things is when he stares at two specific pictures. One of his parents and one of the temple. This little boy is so close to our Heavenly Father, and such an inspiration to me to remember what is most important in my life. He teaches me to keep my eyes and heart fixated on my family and Heavenly Father.  Please watch the video and donate money to them directly through their blog or attend their upcoming benefit concert. It will be held July 22 at 5pm at the Grove Theater in Pleasant Grove.