Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventure # 17 OREM SUMMERFEST!!!!!!!!!!

Let me aagain preface my entry by saying a little something! I LOVE that Orem has a FREE fair! I mean seriously, I dont think anywhere does that anymore! Even the tickets for the rides were 15$ for 20. And each ride was only ONE ticket! I was seriously blown away at how cheep this adventure could have been (yes, I said COULD have been...we ate a LOT of good food :) )

The girls had so much fun riding the rides. Even "I" is big enough to ride the rides with her sisters. They wanted to ride and ride and ride all day long. It was so cute how much they loved handing the man their tickets. "A" and "J" even went on a kiddie roller coaster! "J" was by far te smallest kid on there. The other moms were looking at us like we were crazy, but I was a proud momma!

We will DEFINETLY be coming back every year! What a good time! One of my favorite parts was that there was no alcohol served. I always hated the combination of children, rides and then random drunk people when I went to the rodeo in Houston (Dont hate me Cami! I do love everything else though), so this was a breath of fresh air. Good, wholesome, family fun!


"J"s ring she got ffrom the fair! Are you loving her chipped black nail polish?

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