Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventure # 12 Movies and Calories!

It is not very often that I brave the movies with the girls. I'd say I have probably gone to the movies with the girls maybe 6 times. But Pooki loves to take them and they usually go when pooki babysits. But today i braved it!! We saw HOP, the girls loved it. Pooki got each girl 2 boosters and stacked them so they could see (don't tell them but it was also so they couldn't get down.) They were so cute..during the movie "A" kept getting s excited that she would shriek! "I" even sat in her booster for about 75% of the movie eating her own stack of popcorn (I know I am a horrible mom and should not let her eat that) and Raisinets! Yummy! Nothing like "MOVIES AND CALORIES!! 

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