Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventure #11 Salt Lake City Library

I know..I know I already did an adventure to the library. But that was the PROVO library and this time we went to the SALT LAKE CITY library. Going to the SLC library is much more then a trip to read. The architecture there is amazing...I am able to enjoy some cultural diversity and some beautifully unique characters (sorry i know i know i love the abercrombie blondes in provo too haha). I saw one homeless man crocheting a purse with grocery bags. It was amazing!The kids got to read in the caves they have on the children's floor and were able to play outside by (and in..shh don't tell anyone) the fountains. They also watched "BABE" in the storytelling room. I guess every Friday in June they will be having a free movie for kids! This time we were the  only ones there..but that made it even better. I didn't have to worry about getting the stink-eye from so overbearing parent with perfectly boring children.
The girls also enjoyed spending time with their cousins there. "A" has a cousin her age and "j" has a cousin her age too..they are BEST friends! Soo cute!!
"J" and her cousin and best friend!

I think this pic captures "J" beautifully!

"I"..Yes i had "J" and "I" in matching outfits (my head down in shame).

My niece..the stinkin cutest!

"A" going up the cool stairs at the library..she couldn't figure out how t slide down these railings! Pretty sure they did that on purpose!

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